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  • The Waisoi Project Learn more about the Waisoi Project and what it means for the local community and Fiji.
  • The Waisoi EIA Learn more about the Environmental Impact Assessment being undertaken for the Waisoi Project.
  • Community Programs Learn more about the NJV’s community programs and other local support activities.
Bula Vinaka
Welcome to Namosi Joint Venture

The Namosi Joint Venture (NJV) is exploring for mineral resources in the Namosi and Naitasiri provinces approximately 30 kilometres west of Suva.

No mining is currently taking place.

Exploration activities have been focused on two ore bodies in the Waisoi area in the Namosi Province which contain copper, gold, and molybdenum. Highly prospective copper and gold mineral deposits have also been identified in the Waivaka Corridor and other areas.

The Waisoi Project is in the exploration and pre-feasibility stage which involves a considerable amount of drilling, technical studies, community consultation and stakeholder engagement.

Mining will not commence at Waisoi unless the Government approves a mine to be built and issues a mining lease. The NJV will then decide if the Waisoi mine can be developed and operated economically and at an appropriate environmental, social and safety standard.

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Namosi Joint Venture
PO Box 14862 Suva, Fiji

Phone: +679 773 8890
Email: info@njv.com.fj