Namosi farmers supply NJV camp

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September 18, 2012
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October 10, 2012
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Farmers within Tikina Namosi, Namosi province have recommenced the supply of root crops and vegetables to the Namosi Joint Venture (NJV) Waisoi camp after a lapse of more than a year.

The first weighing and sale of root crops was conducted at Namosi village last week witnessed by the Tikina Namosi Landowners Committee (TNLC), NJV and Government officials represented by the Roko Tui Namosi and local agriculture officers.

NJV purchased 107 kg of dalo and 135 kg of cassava from the local farmers – with sales expected to pick up as the project proceeds.

Community coordinator for the supply of root crops Lasaro Dau Snr thanked the NJV for the renewed venture saying it was an opportunity for villagers to generate income.

NJV’s kitchen supervisor Maria Samuels and Acting Site Superintendent Ben Hastings both vouched for the quality and size of the root crops purchased – with Mr. Hastings commenting on the great cassava pudding (vakalavalava) he enjoyed.

NJV Country Manager Greg Morris said: “We look forward to continuing and expanding this business opportunity with the community.”