NJV contributes to Namosi district electricity

Namosi farmers supply NJV camp
October 4, 2012
October 14, 2012
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The Namosi Joint Venture (NJV) has paid FJD $23, 909.20 to the Fiji Department of Energy to provide electricity to the district of Namosi in Namosi province.

The amount represents the “total required village contribution” for the supply of electricity to the Namosi district as calculated by the Fiji Electricity Authority and Department of Energy.

Under the Fiji rural electrification programme, Government contributes 95 per cent of the cost, while the community pays 5 per cent.

The NJV was approached by the Namosi Provincial Council and the Turaga ni Koro of the five Namosi district villages to assist with their contribution.

NJV Country Manager Greg Morris says they decided to cover the full community amount, as access to electricity is critical to ongoing development.

“In developing our guidelines for community assistance, we have consistently heard from villagers about the challenges they face without electricity and power supply. These include the operations of Namosi secondary and primary schools, students struggling to do their studies in the evening and other difficulties faced by families,” Mr Morris said.

“Access to electricity has the potential to improve living standards for current and future generations and increase opportunities for business and development projects.”

The Namosi district representative to the Namosi Provincial Council Aselemo Vakadranu expressed his “utmost appreciation” to the NJV for the assistance.

“The project as highlighted in our request letter earlier – will directly benefit all of us to improve the living standards of the people of Namosi who have been lagging behind in development purposes across Fiji,” Mr Vakadranu said.

“It is indeed high time for us to acknowledge the number of developments you have made in our district.”

“We hope to continue to work in partnership with your company in the near future for the development of our district and the Vanua as a whole,” Mr Vakadranu said.

Villages that will benefit from the rural electrification project include Waivaka, Narukunibua, Nasigatoka, Namosi koro and Navunibau.