Safety and Health

The Namosi Joint Venture (NJV) values the safety, health and wellbeing of all our people including the communities in which we operate.

NJV has a philosophy of ‘Target Zero’ for health and safety incidents within our operations, our activities and wherever we engage with our local communities.

NJV understands that to reach our goal, we must engage our people in our approach to health and safety, and recognises that we can only achieve this goal of zero injuries when:

  • We understand that all injuries are preventable
  • We ensure that safe behaviour is a condition of NJV employment
  • We accept responsibility for the occupational health of our people
  • We provide effective training and the right equipment for our people to work safely
  • We promote and support the ongoing wellness of our people
  • We promote off-the-job and community safety
  • Our people accept responsibility for their own personal safety and health and that of others
  • Our people understand that identifying and controlling risk is part of every decision

NJV’s Safety ReNew program demonstrates our ongoing commitment to safety. We are empowering our people to take the initiative in reporting and developing health and safety measures, ensuring best practice aviation and travel safety, and promoting safety in all areas of the community.